seniors and their caregivers

Gentlemind Home Care provides exceptional home care to enrich the lives of our clients. We offer personalized in-home support services, assisting seniors, the disabled, and other individuals who need assistance to perform activities of daily living.

Here are the services we offer:

Non-medical Services

Non-skilled care is provided by personal care assistants, such care allows our clients to get help at home with everyday activities, such as:


We support families of our clients by providing respite care to allow families/caregivers to temporally take breaks from the challenges of caring for their loved ones.

We work very closely with clients and their families to determine the best schedule that meets our clients’ needs.

Structured Family Caregiving (SFC)

Structured family caregiving means a caregiving arrangement in which a participant lives with a principal caregiver who provides daily care and support to the participant based on the participant’s daily care needs. The principal caregiver may be a nonfamily member or a family member who lives with the participant in the private home of the participant or the principal caregiver. Necessary support services are provided by the principal caregiver (family caregiver) as part of structured family caregiving service. Caregivers must be qualified to meet all federal and State regulatory guidelines, and be able to provide care and support to a participant based on the participant’s assessed needs. Caregivers receive training based on the participant’s assessed needs and are paid a per diem stipend for the care and support they provide to participants.


We offer affordable rates! We accept Medicaid Waiver, Private pay, long-term insurances, and VA insurance.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our home care services.